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Give Well

Leverage your donor’s donation with a match. This is a simple, efficient, and enticing creative charity event idea to encourage people to give. On your CauseVox page, you can highlight that match in your header image to make it even more obvious to donors.

Power Of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most impactful tools to attract more donors and empower existing ones to donate more. The reason stories move people is because it’s not just an abstract idea but a real situation with real people. 

It gives supporters a way to form a genuine connection with your cause, which in turn makes them more willing to help.

Engaging Your Community 

Makenzie reiterated that organizations do not need an event to build community and that it’s important to engage your community first to help drive fundraising and get people excited about your event.

Many SHERO participants fundraise and walk on teams and groups, and N Street Village wanted a platform that could handle the intricacies of event and team fundraising without adding extra work on the back-end.

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Date And Time

2021-10-06 @ 07:30 AM to
2022-07-15 @ 04:30 PM


9387 King St. New York

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Give Well

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